In-house production - Quality - Stock management

The Insulcon Group is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the international refractory market. With 40 years of experience in high temperature resistant materials, we developed a complete range of services, which we can offer you, such as:

In-house production - engineering and customisation
Our specialists are developing an entirely new product that can be customised to your standards based on your wishes/drawings. Our daily activities and services are design studies, thermal calculations, technical (3D) drawings, including protocols.

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We like to get involved with our customers thermal problems. Due to the constantly changing markets and needs, the Insulcon Group continuously invests in various machinery and skilled people. We facilitate CNC milling machines, automatic die-cutting machines, sawing equipment, an operational textile- and vacuum forming plant, sewing workshops, and water cutters, etc. This enables us to manufacture tailor-made, durable, high temperature resistant products and systems for almost all industrial applications.

Quality is one of the key aspects within the Insulcon Group. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified. Internationally recognized standards that ensure that our products, services and environmental responsibilities meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system. Also we are certified for SCC** 2017/6.0, the safety certificate for contractors. With this certificate we confirm our careful and safe working method and care for our employees.

Stock management / Warehouses
We have optimized the incoming and outgoing flow of storage thanks to our inventory management.
We are proud of our large warehouses and production facilities of > 78.000 m3 in Steenbergen (NL) and 43.000 m3 in Temse (BE). All our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland are very conveniently located due to the proximity of, for example, motorways to and from important (harbour) towns such as Rotterdam (NL), Antwerp (BE), Düsseldorf (DE) and Milan (IT). We can provide you with complete document handling, packaging- and certificate processing for special projects and export purposes.

Visual Warehouse and shipping

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