Ecomab® specialty glass fibre rope & Insulcoat 1260 RFL

Some of our perfect products from our delivery program in the spotlight who represent durability, CO2 reduction and efficiency: Ecomab® specialty glass fibre rope & Insulcoat 1260 RFL!

Ecomab® fibre rope
Ecomab® fibre rope is a soft resilient high temperature fibre rope and has a low organic content and is available completely organic free and with open or closed meshes. This complete anorganic version is recommended for areas where complete incombustibility is necessary such as fire seals or hot exhaust pipe wrapping.

• Doorseals in boilers, ovens, reformers and other chemical furnaces, glass furnaces, etc.
• Seals between kiln cars (ceramic industry)
• Expansion joints in buildings
• Seals for domestic appliances
• Seals between boiler sections
• Seals for continuous casting (“dummy bar seals")
• Seals of thermocouple tubes
• Thermal insulation of steam-pipes in wells

* Made in our own factory in Temse (Belgium): Ecomab® specialty glass fibre rope.

Insulcoat 1260 RFL
Insulcoat 1260 RFL is a mullite based refractory coating designed primarily to encapsulate Refractory Ceramic Fibre furnace and kiln linings and contains no ceramic fibres.

• Insulcoat 1260 RFL can be applied to new lining or even used refractory surfaces that are in reasonable condition.

* Made in our own factory in Steenbergen (the Netherlands): Insulcoat 1260 RFL.